An elite group of renowned dermatologists and biotech researchers from the Green Life Research Center’s ORÉ™ Dermatological Professionals Alliance carried out a long term research that is set to revolutionize the anti-aging landscape. In the space between science and beauty, their combined expertise has produced a remarkable product that delivers proven clinical results in just 3 days.
Premium Extraction
Employing Supercritical Fluid Extraction, the latest advancement in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, our team of experts extracts the purest, cleanest and stable source of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) from the inner layer of the highest quality eggshells. The extract holds a rich concentration of HA.
Proprietary Nano-HA – #1st in the World
Using the latest nanotechnology, our team of experts proceed to reduce the HA molecules to fine particles of 280Daltons, 1/3500th of its usual weight of 1,000,000Daltons. Our proprietary HA molecules are 150 times more effective than collagen in retaining moisture. The particles are so refined; they are soluble even in ice water.
Fast absorption for Instant Result!
The ORÉ™ HA BEAUTY SKIN is extra-soluble for faster delivery and penetration to the essential organs and instant results. The HA is formulated with Bird’s nest extract, Seabuckthorn, Pseudo-ginseng and ginseng extract, pearl powder, Grape seed extract, and a smorgasbord of other ingredients that activates anti-aging effects. ORÉ™ HA BEAUTY SKIN rejuvenates your body from the inside right through to the external skin layer, promoting both health and beauty in turn.