ORÉ™ Dermatology Professional Alliance spent years to develop orally consumable ORÉ™ HA with efficacy that matches or better derma fillers for efficacy and long lasting results. For it to qualify as a natural anti-aging supplement, there are certain prerequisites that have to be met. ORÉ™’s Hyaluronic Acid meets the criteria with the following characteristics:

Orally Consumable

Powdered soluble-in-any-cold-drink ORÉ™ NANO-Hyaluronic Acid


Derived from eggshell membrane, this stable and highly concentrated ORÉ™ HA is naturally compatible with human

ORÉ™ Nano-sized molecules

Weighing a feather light 280 Daltons as opposed to its original form of 1,000,000 Daltons, it penetrates deep into organs toactivate anti-aging changes to our body from within

High Bioavailability

The body in essence absorbs and is able to utilize to a higher degree of the total amount of HA consumed. This has always been a problem with orally administered supplements.


Just Hyaluronic Acid by itself is probably a good anti-aging agent. At our lab we have tweaked with the HA and managed to develop the age reverse treatment ASDHA280-a smorgasbord of anti-aging factors with ORÉ™ HA as its main ingredient- making it a great anti-aging agent.

Fast and Long Lasting Results

Better bioavailability of ORÉ™ HA translates into better utilization of the HA for various organs throughout the body. HA promotes cellular regeneration, thus reversing damages caused by aging or exposure to the elements. This leads to long lasting results as opposed to external means of application.

Problems with Original Composition of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid has a few stumble along the way to becoming the prized ingredient in anti-aging therapy. It has been hailed as the replacement for collagen as early as 2001 by Time Magazine in its article “Beyond Collagen”. The extraction technology back then was not as matured as it is now and the production cost made it commercially unviable. Now with more affordable laboratory grown, bacteria-fermented HA and advanced extraction technology, HA is finally having its breakthrough.

Synthetic Source of HA

Bacteria-fermented HA is the synthetic alternative to natural forms of HA. However it is not as compatible as natural forms of HA, for which some people suffer allergic reaction. For naturally derived HA, the source is usually chicken combs or the vitreous body of cows’ eyes. This is until recently when a breakthrough discovery of a stable source of HA with high levels of concentration; the eggshell.

High Molecular Weight

A single molecule of HA would weigh an average of 1,000,000Daltons. This gave it a bit of a weight problem especially when it is trying to penetrate through the tightly woven membranes of the skin and other body parts. For this reason it has always been relegated for external use.

Low Bioavailability

Through external means, HA is able to penetrate through the surface of the skin but does not go very deep. This would plump up the skin and provided cosmetic improvement. However, as with everything that occurs on the surface, the result never lasts long and it did not provide much means of skin improvement or anti-aging factors. Oral consumption HA was introduced. The oral version was not much of a success either for the very same reason; high molecular weight.