I’ve been taking ORÉ HA BEAUTY SKIN for only a week when I noticed my wrinkles were visibly reduced and my skin has a warm glow to it. I can’t believe it is happening quite so fast. I am truly excited. I can’t wait to take more and see what happens after a few months.

Linda K.; Oregon, Michigan

This is a truly amazing drink. I cannot compliment it enough simply because the improvement has been unreal. I have deep crow’s feet and wrinkle lines throughout my face and after three weeks of taking ORÉ HA BEAUTY SKIN my wrinkles and crow’s feet have been dramatically reduced. Everyone complimented me on my complexion and now all my friends are fans of ORÉ. I truly feel younger.

Cindy M.; Manhattan, New York

Love it. I just wished this product has been out in the market before I wasted all those money buying expensive skin care products that were meant to help my skin look young but somehow doesn’t really work. I can both see and feel the magic of ORÉ HA BEAUTY SKIN working its charm on my body. I am usually out working all day and I really love the convenience of these little sachets that I could fit into any purse. I really like that I can add it to any beverage that I happen to be drinking. Yumm!

Mandy L.; Boston, Massachusetts

My age spots and my wrinkles have reduced so much it must’ve taken at least 10 years off my face. The change is throughout my body and not just my face. My joint aches are now history. I highly recommend ORÉ HA BEAUTY SKIN for everyone. I don’t want to be without it and neither should you.

Michelle G.; Santa Barbara, California

* The testimonials found on this site as well as all medical endorsements are from REAL customers and REAL medical professionals. The clinical studies were conducted by Green Health Global Inc. ** Individual results when using Oré™ may vary from those provided on this site.


Indonesia : Tan Yen Yen

Saya mengkonsumsi Produk ORE HA Beauty Skin awalnya mencoba karena masalah kaki saya mengalami pembengkakan, tulangnya bergeser dan akibatnya otot syaraf bekerja tidak stabil dan sering kesemutan. Tapi seiring waktu setelah minum ORE kaki saya mengalami perubahan, pembengkakan dan kesemutan sudah berkurang, ada kemajuan setelah minum ORE. Jaringan rawan yang di otot juga bekerja dengan baik. Semuanya mengalami perkembangan yang baik menuju sembuh. Selain itu kulit wajah saya semakin halus dan tidak berkerut. Saya semakin percaya diri.








Indonesia : Cu Mey

Saya telah mengkonsumsi 3 box Ore dengan dosis 2x sehari. Biasanya setiap bangun tidur tubuh dan tumit saya terasa kaku dan sakit, pada hari ke-4 saya mengkonsumsi Ore, bangun tidur badan terasa segar dan tumit tidak sakit.
Sekarang saya masih terus mengkonsumsi Ore dengan dosis 1x sehari untuk menjaga kesehatan tubuh dan kecantikan kulit saya.
Terima kasih Ore!!!








Indonesia : Suwito

Pekerjaan saya mengharuskan sering terjun kelapangan langsung, hal ini membuat kulit saya kurang terjaga.
Seorang teman menginformasikan tentang Ore. Saya memakai Masker 1x dan Ore 2x sehari, pagi dan malam.
Ternyata setelah menghabiskan 1 set, kulit tangan dan wajah saya menjadi halus dan segar.









Indonesia : Hartatik

Saya mempunyai penyakit asam urat, tulang sendi sakit, kolesterol dan sembelit.
Setelah saya mengkonsumsi Ore 2x sehari. Dalam seminggu persendian saya tidak terasa sakit, bangun tidur terasa segar dan buang air besar lancar.
Ore memang luar biasa!!!








Indonesia : Gita Shani

Selama 10 hari saya mengkonsumsi Ore dengan dosis 2x sehari. Sesudah itu saya minum 1x sehari. Selain itu saya juga memakai Masker Ore selama 4 hari (1 masker/hari). Sudah ada hasil yang signifikan, noda bekas jerawat mulai memudar dan lobang bekas jerawat juga mulai menutup.
Disamping itu wajah menjadi berseri-seri dan terasa kenyal








Indonesia : Meriaty

Setelah beberapa hari mengkonsumsi ORE, badan terasa lebih ringan dan lebih agresif dari biasanya. Kencang di seluruh badan tidak hanya di wajah saja.
Dan yang paling hebat adalah saat berhubungan dengan suami lebih hot dari biasanya dan merasa lebih muda.
ORE memang sangat istimewa …








Indonesia : Sri Melani

Saya sering mengalami masalah sakit pinggang sebelumnya, tapi semenjak saya mengkonsumsi ORE badan jadi terasa fit, sakit pinggang saya berangsur menghilang dan keriput di sekitar mata saya memudar juga kulit saya jadi terasa lembab serta uban dirambut saya berkurang jadi tumbuh rambut normal.









Indonesia : Ida

Saya mempunyai masalah pada wajah, kulit kendur, keriput serta flek2 yang sangat mengganggu, dan saya telah menghabiskan banyak uang untuk membeli produk-produk kecantikan tapi tidak mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan, tapi setelah saya menggunakan produk ORE selama 2 bulan semua masalah kulit saya dapat teratasi, dan juga sakit sendi yang sering saya alami juga berkurang.
Terima kasih ORE








Brunei : Norhashimah Bt Haji

My facial skin was full of pigmentation, dry and looks dull. But after a week of constant using the combination of smn2u ORE HA, Mask and GS3 Ginseng Stem Cell, i was filled with joy because my skin look so alive and so much younger. The pigmentation has reduced so much that i couldnt believe it. Its so effective. I will recomend it to my friends.








Hanoi, Vietnam : Hgunyen

Hi, my name is Nguyen. I come from Hanoi, Vietnam. I got to try this product from my friend Angie. At first I felt that the drink had a unique flavor but after consuming it, I found that it was ok and after using the face mask for only one time, my skin felt so much more softer and smoother.








Malaysia : Yen

Skin is less dull and appears to have lighten 3% after 10 days. Overall skin is slightly tighter and lifted.










Kuching, Malaysia : Lim Xin Yee

My years of facial skin problom were giving me a lot of problem. But after using the ORE HA and GS3 for a week my skin got smoother and brighter. The uneven pores on my skin were lessen by the days. I can feel more confident with my skin now. Millions thanks to SMN2U ORE HA and GS3.







Malaysia : Lily

Results showcases, less wrinkles under the feet after 10 days. Skin is also smoother by 15%.










Malaysia : Jeasy

Smaller pores was observed after 10 days into the ORE Beauty series. The skin is also lightend by 10%.










Malaysia : Candy

After 10 days usage of ORE HA and GS3, i noticed that my facial skin texture has become smoother, brightwer and moistured. My Skin pores is less visible now and i feel very confident about myself now.







Malaysia : Susan

After 10 days, skin appears lighter and pigmentation spots start to diminish. Skin is also much firmer by 10%.








Kuching, Malaysia : Shirley

“UNBELIEVABLE” is the only words i can say about the smn2u ORE HA, HA Mask and GS3; because after using it for a week the pigmentation on my face has reduced tremendously. The uneven skin texture become smoother and my skin now look younger than before. Thank you for this great product.










Malaysia : Lau Ah Lek

After 10 days of using smn2u ORE HA, GS3 and HA Mask for 3 times, i noticed that my pigmentation on my face has lighten. My face now looks brighter and smoother. A big thank you to my friend who recomment me this wondeful product.









Brunei : Doris

Looking older is a nightmare to everyone, especially women. But after using the SMN2U ORE HA, Mask and GS3 for about 10 days, i look much younger because it has lighten my face pigmentation. I now have healthier skin and it feel lifted.







Malaysia : Yang Git Foong

Wow! I am so excited about the SMN2U ORE HA, Mask and GS3. Its a real good anti aging combination. After using it or about 10 days, it has lessen the pigmentation, face feel lifted and more important look so much younger and vibrant.









Malaysia : Teh Choon Wan

Its like a dream to have look years younger after using SMN2U ORE HA together with its mask and GS3 for a week. My face is lifted and the wrinkles has lessen. This is the best anti aging product i have used so far.








Why must we consume ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA?

ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA is a drink powder that contains naturally formulated Hyaluronic Acid. Because it is orally consumed, ORÉ’s proprietary HA is able to deliver nutrients to the dermis layer of the skin via the blood stream to reduce fine wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines and to give your skin that healthy lustrous glow. ORÉ works from the inside out, so the glow is not just on the surface but comes out from deep within.

Does ORÉ Soluble HA only work for facial fine line and wrinkles?

ORÉ Soluble HA is beneficial for the skin throughout the body and not just the face. It is also beneficial for joints throughout your body that uses HA to lubricate itself and helps reduce inflammations throughout the body.

How is it that ORÉ Soluble HA work so fast and produce such dramatic results?

ORÉ’s proprietary HA is 280Daltons, 1/3500th the size of an average HA molecule. It is meant for better delivery and absorption by our skin and body. This will boost the activation rate of the HA and other formulated ingredients for a more effective and faster result. It has all the benefits and more of HA injection, with neither the pain nor the hefty price tag.

Will I gain weight from taking ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA?

No. If anything ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA will actively help you rejuvenate and boost your body’s metabolic rate. You stand to lose some weight instead.

What is the best time or age to be taking ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA?

Now is the best time. It does not matter at what age you start taking ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA. It is meant for people of all ages and the benefits can be felt whether you are 19 or 90.

Are there any side effects to consuming ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA?

All our products have been tested and retested before they are introduced to the market. We use all natural ingredients and preparation methods. In a word the answer is ‘NO’.

What is the best way to consume ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA?

The best way to prepare it is to pour and stir ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA in a glass of cold or room temperature liquid until all the HA powder is completely dissolved. Do not mix it in boiling water as this would break down the synthesis of the HA and essentially wipe off active properties of the nutrients.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

Although all our products are generally safe for consumption, we would recommend that pregnant women consult their physicians before taking any dietary supplements including ORÉ Nano-Hybrid Soluble HA.